Thursday, May 26, 2011

post-wedding brunch.

let's discuss the best possible thing you can give your hungover, feet-hurt-from-cutting-a-rug, about-to-travel-500-miles friends after your wedding:

yes, kelly & chris arranged for the food of the gods, aka an in n' out truck, to grace the resort where were staying for the morning-after brunch. genius, i tell you!
we clearly enjoyed this, especially nandini {who is visiting from india where, and i quote, "i can't eat beef because cows are sacred! I WANT BEEF"}
they really are the best hosts ever! we love the new mr. & mrs.

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mark lawrence said...

Good to see these post wedding pictures. I am planning to throw my friend a pre-wedding party at one of NYC wedding venues. Have to gather some great ideas for the day. Will check online for them. Hope will get best and unique ideas.