Tuesday, May 10, 2011


so...my last post was a blatant and utter LIE! :)
i posted it to throw my mom off the scent.

my sister & i had secretly planned that i would surprise my mom on mother's day. tee hee. so on friday night, i flew to texas {with an enjoyable 3 hour stop in denver}...

sidenote: i rented "how do you know" {chick flick with owen wilson as a nationals baseball player} to watch on my ipad on the plane. what IS this movie? how did my beloved r.witherspoon-toth get herself embroiled in this disaster? do yourself a favor and ignore its existence.

i got into my sister's house in houston around 1am, and geared up to surprise my nieces {can't really tell a 3-year-old anything that needs to remain a secret} and my parents in the morning! my dad didn't know either, so it was a double surprise.

problem was...my mom wasn't home when we got there. HA! she decided to go grocery shopping, so i got to surprise my dad first, and then hide in a back bedroom while we waited for my mom. i took a hilarious video, but my mom will kill me if i posted it, so my compromise is 20 seconds of audio of lily walking me out to my mom. turn down your speakers. :)

i kept forgetting my camera throughout the weekend, so i'm lacking any great photos of my mom - whoops. but the weekend was a ton of fun with the fam.

mocha coconut frapps are back at starbucks...yessss.
 lots of niecey cuddles:
and baby girl getting SO big!
i highly recommend this sort of mom-surprise! so much fun and she deserves it. love you mom!


Katie said...

LOVE the pics, Kel!!! We miss you already!

Melissa said...

Oh fun! Love the audio. I think the cutest part is that Lily sounds like a mini-Marcie -- I totally hear (and see!) a resemblance there. Cute!

Mom said...

Love you too Sweetie! What a surprise!!!!!