Wednesday, May 18, 2011

world's best cookies.

last weekend my darling danelle gave me a cookie that was literally the best i'd ever had. i knew i HAD to make these asap, so last night i hunkered down and baked my heart out during a rainy evening. heaven.

the weird part is these cookies include 2 things i don't usually enjoy in my desserts: lemon and white chocolate. however, they DO include one stellar, amazing fave: toasted coconut. you might die of deliciousness.

it is really all about the texture of biting into one of these coconut-stuffed bad boys. the recipe is from the baker chick {an awesome baking blog} and can be found right here.

it's super simple, requires nothing fancy, and took no time at all. a few of my tips to add to the recipe:
  • REALLY be mindful of the coconut while it's toasting. it burns FAST. i turned it over with a metal spatula every minute or so. the edges of the little mound still managed to burn, so i threw out those pieces. i also used a little more than her 1.5 cups, which i think made the texture even better {i loooove coconut, obvi}.
  • i used fewer white chocolate chips than the 4oz because i usually am not a fan. "it's personal choice every woman has got to make for herself." - cher horowitz
  • fresh lemon...if this wasn't obvious enough.
  • i also didn't smash them down with a glass bottom like the recipe says...i prefer little nuggets. they are crispy on the outside and soooo soft on the inside. yum.
a couple more instagram pics from last night.
{left: toasted coconut mountain about to be mixed. right: cooling. not pictured: me burning my hand trying to shove one in my mouth.}


Alana said...

Mmm.. they were tasty!!!!

Audra said...

These look wonderful! I am glad you found my blog and that you like them. My friends and I loved them too! :)

Dad said...

Can't wait for you to bring a batch of these to Tahoe!