Wednesday, June 22, 2011


my poor glasses had a little accident:

not only did i break the arm off, i broke it so that you couldn't repair it with another screw. nice. after 2 weeks of perching them on my nose delicately and pretending like they weren't one-armed {no shame, ladies & gents!}, i decided to help my friends' embarrassment levels go back down to normal and buy some new ones.

semi-hipstery, no? haha. i have 2 huge revelations for you guys. 

1. i have to wear these, so my glasses don't have to be lame. sounds obvious, right? since i only wear these to drive, see a movie, or like, read a menu at togo's, i had forced myself to suffer through glasses that i didn't think were actually demonstrative of my personality. if i'm going to willingly wear an accessory multiple times per day, why not make it something slightly more exciting than small brown frames? these are big, black, and have gold stars on them. i dunno, why not?

2. zenni optical. have you heard of it? you can get prescription glasses for $6.95. i am not even kidding you. email your optometrist, have them send over your current prescription, and order here! i bought this pair, AND a pair of prescription sunglasses {which are a whole 'nother revelation, people} for $21. they have a million frame types and styles, so i'm sure you can find something. i may even order another pair to have a good backup. it took about 10 days after i ordered to arrive.

my frames can be found here.

i'm loving them so far!


Katie said...

Those are cute!!! I can't believe how inexpensive they were... wow! I'll have to remember that place in the future...

whitney said...

i JUST bought these last night. so i am SO glad that they look normal on a real person...not just the 'try on' lady!!

and i love your blog!!

check out


kelly : pinetothepacific said...

whitney, that's hilarious!! post pics when you get yours! :)

Anonymous said...

these are crazy cute!

April said...

Thanks for the heads up on Zenni Optical. I've been wanting to get new frames since my current ones are loose but I'm not eligible for new prescriptions until next year. I'll go check Zenni out!