Wednesday, June 15, 2011

mac daddy.


that scene up there is a little crazy. also not pictured: my ipad. i have a problem. ANYWAY. i recently got a fancy new mac {middle}, and still have my old baby {left} and my work guy {right} to keep her company. i'm on the hunt for a new laptop sleeve - any suggestions of where to look? 

my top faves so far:

clockwise from top left:
ted baker - $90
kena kai - $51
knomo - $60
kena kai - $96
R&Em - $21


Anonymous said...

ted baker ftw.

12 Letters said...

the ted baker is phenom. best out of the bunch.

Hoyt said...

Cute post! Have you tried Capulet London? They have my fave covers.

kelly : pinetothepacific said...

oh my lord - Jess, those capulet cases are DREAMY!! love!

mvp said...

I like the gold one on the bottom

kp said...

I love the Kena Kai interdepartmental mail one! So great to meet you tonight! xx

Libby said...

i would be the happiest girl if I could have that pink Ted Baker laptop sleeve! I even just got a new laptop last night (booo, the old one broke). Nordys is all out of pink though, only black left :(