Monday, June 27, 2011

Midnight in Paris...and simple style.

oh my.
my new favorite movie - ever?
a love story to paris...
a love story to the 1920s...
a love story to art history...
a love story to weirdos like me who wish we could time travel to the past. :)

i found myself leaning forward, smiling at the screen like a crazy person. the music was perfect, the casting was perfect, and the whole movie was such a joy. {and even though rachel mcadams plays a pretty awful lady, my girl crush stays strong.}

besides the sheer wonder of the film, i was completely drawn to the styling of all the eras shown in the movie. rachel mcadams was my favorite - her character, inez, wears simple outfits consisting of shirt dresses, wedges, belts, and gorgeous bags. minimal accessories, but such effortless style. it's very california-meets-paris.

i played with my new fave site, polyvore, to recreate my favorite look. for all of our sanity, i made a "budget" version in addition to my dream version. ;) click the image to get details on each piece!
left outfit - $551
right  outfit - $168


whitney said...

ah i am so glad to hear you liked it. i want to go see it!!

and i LOVE the outfit. the budget is AS GOOD as the 'out of my league'

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Anonymous said...

Where could I find these similiar items to buy on the internet?? Do you have any links??