Monday, July 25, 2011

the beacon.

if i was going to write a "favorite things" series about lake tahoe, the beacon would be at the top of my list.

located directly on the beach at camp richardson, this gem of a restaurant offers amazing people {and goose} watching, a gentle noise backdrop of the boats & the lake, and the scenery of the mountains. oh yes, and rum runners, their famous drink. ;)

my mom planned it perfectly, and we arrived at the golden hour, 7:30pm, to watch the sun start dipping. your journey at the beach rail of the patio looks something like this...

sun & the remnants of the beach day:

a rum runner & ridiculous steak salad, complete with scary carving knife
{they served it that way, i'm not that intense...}:

a pre-dessert sunset, complete with funny frolicking teenagers:

a perfect tahoe night, completely dark except for the sweet lights of the beacon:

highly recommended if you're visiting south lake tahoe!

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Katie said...

We can't wait to go back to Lake Tahoe!!! Wish it was a little closer to Texas (like within a day's driving distance). Love and miss you!!! XOXO