Monday, July 18, 2011

making a tourist trap fun!

the fisherman's wharf/pier 39 area of san francisco is generally avoided by sf residents - it has a bad rap for being touristy, overcrowded, and full of cheesy souvenir shops. and yet i accompanied danelle & her husband's extended family there on saturday, and we found plenty of things to love:

boudin sourdough:
bread bowls with soup {tomato basil for me, clam chowder for danelle}, and amazing bread animals made in the window of the factory. i like the crab & koala bear.

the carnival atmosphere:
my favorite carousel {especially striking on a foggy day like we had} and the candy barrels full of 100+ kinds of saltwater taffy. i bought a huge bag, but it was mysteriously gone later that day. hmm.

and last but not least, who could be disappointed with neon tourist tees?? {take note of the cheese-tastic alcatraz striped number behind us}. 


whitney said...

i always love seeing your pictures!! and yes, i am usually jealous of your adventures around SF....

but, i stopped by to tell you that i am passing on the 'lovely blog award' to you!!

go to to see the post!!


kelly : pinetothepacific said...

thanks whit!! xo

Danelle said...

I'm so glad we could do a little touristy frolic together! I'm in love with our shirts and currently snacking on taffy. :) So fun! Love you! xoxo