Friday, July 15, 2011

summer reads.

while i was soaking up the sun in lake tahoe i absolutely devoured kathryn stockett's the help. i realize i'm officially the last person on earth to read this gem, since it's been on the nyt bestseller list for over a year. it was such a compelling read, and i became obsessed with all the characters.  
all this despite my concern that the most vile characters are both chi omegas and junior leaguers {aka, me - ha!}. ;)

it made me think about summer books that i've absolutely cherished. there are the typical harry potters, twilights, and shopaholics of the world {all of which have their place in my heart, don't you worry}, but something about these 6 faves just make them totally re-readable and memorable for me. links & descriptions below, clockwise from top.

1. judy blume, summer sisters : first read this my freshman year in high school, re-read about 17 times since. just a perfect story of female friendship evolving. and looking back now, it's sort of racy, i guess? haha! judy blume for adults, let's say.

2. tom robbins, still life with woodpecker : oh man. read this in college and the quotes became my aol instant messenger away message statuses for about a year. please tell me you did that too? such beautiful writing, and descriptions of the girl i wanted to be.

3. ernest hemingway, a moveable feast : read once in high school for class, fell in love with it in college as i was studying art history and becoming fascinated with paris. it's so...magical!

4. chuck klosterman, sex drugs & cocoa puffs : i'm not sure i've ever laughed so much in a book. if you like david sedaris, bill simmons, or any sort of pop culture/sports reading, you'll love this.

5. paulo coelho, the alchemist : have we all read this? i'm guessing so. a short, sweet book, and the message can apply to any sort of personal crisis/issue/love story you have going. another highly quotable "kelly in 2003" book, i'd say. re-reading it always makes my stomach twist and feel the emotion again.

6. arthur golden, memoirs of a geisha : i never saw the movie, which i've heard may make me un-love this. it's been a dog-eared favorite, and i read it about every 2 years. something about this epic story just gets me.

what are your favorites? i want to know what to read next!


Chelsea said...

I have always been tempted to pick up Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs- and now I think I will. I adore David Sedaris, so it sounds like I can't go wrong. xoxo

April said...

Don't worry, I'm the last one who still hasn't read The Help and it's now coming out as a movie. I, too, read Summer Sisters when it first came out and it was really good but yes, racy. In fact, I think all of Judy Blume's young adult novels are pretty racy. Haha!