Thursday, August 25, 2011

beauty products : 2

1. glow by jlo {don't judge me!! it smells so good and that bottle has lasted since college. hehe.}
2. lola by marc jacobs. rawr.
3. michael by michael kors. gardenias galore.
4. very hollywood by michael kors. just trying this one out.
5. daisy by marc jacobs. a new treat {birthday pressie from my sister!}

i always love finding out what perfumes people wear. scents are SO individual - these are my five faves now, but it has been an evolution. i used to hate "real" perfume {only wanted pineapple bath & body works spray or lovespell from victoria's secret - oh my}, but glow by jlo converted me early on in college. i often get comments from girlfriends who see this on my vanity, like REALLY? you WANT to smell like marc anthony's makeout sesh? but truly, i promise it is light and delicious.

another crazy thing is how scents immediately call back memories of people or times of your life. i remember being in college and obsessed with michael by michael kors, but my friend heather wore it daily, so it was almost like she "owned" that smell. would people think i was single white female-ing her if i suddenly showed up wafting gardenia goodness around? thankfully i got over it, because i absolutely LOVE it. whenever i smell it now, it still reminds me of a certain lecture hall at ucsd and excitement of sorority dances - haha!

marc jacobs has turned into my latest love for perfumes - daisy for daytime, lola if it's a little black dress.

what are your go-to scents? are you a chanel no. 5 or a bath & body works gal?


soanthro said...

Ah I totally still have Glow by JLo too! I've never grown sick of it after all these years. Also lovee Marc Jacobs Daisy :)

Marc Anthony said...

J-Lo es un vagabundo.

kelly : pinetothepacific said...

ummm faux marc anthony, you killed me!

P. Diddy said...

Marc, if you knew what was good for you, you would keep your mouth shut. Jennifer is a saint and we are in love. Now take you're midget rear end back to Mexico.

Marc Anthony said...

Diddy, tú eres muy estúpido y su música es horrible. Casi tan malas como Jennifer's. También, sus ropas están también estúpido. Aunque, llegué a ver una camiseta de Macy'S que me gustó mucho, pero no lo lleva en camas pequeñas. Además, no soy mexicano. Soy de Nueva York. Imbecil.

kelly : pinetothepacific said...!

Marc Anthony said...

Kelly mi amor, no te preocupes. Todo esto será más pronto. Vamos a volar a París mañana y romance bajo las estrellas.

Savvy in San Francisco said...

Yikes! What happened to your comments! I am so that way with scents. I love how one will take you right back to a memory! My wedding perfume was Tender Touch by Burberry. They no longer make it and it makes me want to cry. So I need to buy 20 bottles so I never run out of it! Never want to forget that scent! I also love Twirl by Kate Spade, Burberry by Burberry and Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes.

P.S. Loving your new PS skills! So jealous of the workshop you went to!