Friday, August 19, 2011

favorite place no. 14 : beach blanket babylon

it's time to add another gem to my favorite san francisco places! beach blanket babylon is the longest running musical revue in the country and has been a san francisco institution for decades. my parents and i went to see it for the first time last night and...WOW. amazing costumes {huge headwear is their thing}, absolutely hilarious, and the singers were seriously chills-inducing. the show changes regularly to feature pop culture topics {my favorites from last night included kim kardashian, bieber, oprah, kate middleton, and the giants - brian wilson, timmy, and buster}. the show moves fast and you're left cracking up and enjoying the song parodies. if you visit san francisco {or better yet, if you live here!} check it out! tickets here.


Anna-Lisa said...

I am SO going to check it out! Thanks.

Holly said...

Check out Goldstar Events...there are always discount tickets. I take all my visitors there!