Friday, August 12, 2011

learning french {...again}

i studied french all through high school {and was even a teaching assistant for old madame merchant, who reeked of perfume and sweat...oy}, and then again at the alliance francaise in sacramento when i worked for the kings. it's been a good 3+ years since my last conversation en francais, so i started listening to the coffee break french podcasts in the car during my commute {when a giants game isn't on, natch}. i feel pretty silly when another driver catches me animatedly repeating french phrases alone in my car, but i think it's helping!

do you speak any other languages? do you have any recommendations for online classes or podcasts?


katie said... has free lessons & chat with native speakers, and they can even review recordings of your pronounciation. it's worth checking out.

My CoCoon Vintage said...

I was lucky enough to have an aunt who lived in Paris and then to be enrolled in French Immersion... a pretty awesome Canadian educational program where you do half your studies in english and the other half in french {kindergarden to grade 12}. There's so better way than immersing yourself in the language... a trip to Paris or Montreal perhaps? xo

kelly : pinetothepacific said...

i think a paris trip is totally needed. so neat for you to have french immersion!! xo