Thursday, August 4, 2011

sprinkles + sweetness

confession: i am in love with atlantic-pacific. blair's style is so quirky & colorful, and her san francisco backdrops always make me smile {not to mention, those NYC settings aren't too shabby either}. one of my favorite recent outfits featured this candy-colored shirt, and i coudn't get enough!

{sprinkes: heyzee, shirt: atlantic-pacific, purse: rue magazine, tea set: susannah conway}


catherine sprunt said...

I am completely in love with Blair's style too! She is super cool, though I can't help thinking she must be cold allll the time to rock all those layers! xo

Chelsea said...

I love it too. She is inspiring me to wear things in a completely different way. I loved that post in the long flowy cream dress.Gorg.