Monday, August 29, 2011

views of a 10k.

ohhh boy. on saturday i ran the giants 10k. the best way i can describe going into this? ill-prepared. last summer we ran the 5k, and i made it a 2011 new year's resolution to run a longer race this year. things to note: last year i was running 4x/week, hiking around greece, and was {according to the photos} a LOT tanner/cuter. ha! this summer, i had been nursing a sprained ankle from blindly stepping into a pothole on fillmore, and was spending my days in the office with my laptop, not rushing to the gym after work. so, yeah, SUPER READY to run twice the distance.

as i hunted for my running shoes at 6am, i wondered how this would go. it was somewhat exciting at the starting line, and i still think it's super fun to end the race by running the bases at AT&T park, so i convinced myself it would be fine. here's how this went for the 6.4 miles:

mile 0-1:
la di da. this is fine! just warming up, listening to some nicki minaj on my ipod. i think i'll be fine.

mile 1-2:
hmm ok, people are like, sprinting. i'm just going to keep my steady jog going. this really isn't so awful, is it! oh and haha, there's the 5k turnaround for all those weaklings who didn't do the 10k!

mile 2-3:
where on EARTH is the 10k turnaround? i'm DYING! i need to walk. no don't walk yet. no i need to. ok i'm walking. ahhh this is heavenly. {note: don't stop running, or you will NEVER want to start again. whoops.}

mile 3-4:
ok i'm seriously cranky that the turnaround is past the hard rock cafe at pier 39. this is a long way! i need to at least jog through the turnaround. i cannot even handle that i'm just halfway done. i'm ready to call a cab.

mile 4-5:
hi green shirt guy. you look pretty sporty and i've been keeping up with you most of the way. i'm going to be your shadow. you walk, i walk. you run, i'll run. {note: i seriously credit him for helping me get through this. thanks guy.}

mile 5-6:
hey who are all these lithe people sprinting by me? oh dear god, these are the HALF MARATHONERS. they are finishing their 12th mile while i finish my 5th?! i'm depressed.

visual evidence...i pretended this was for me.

mile 6-6.4:
ok, i see AT&T park. run fast. i feel my blisters. ow. ok crossing into the park. ooh i'm on the warning track. i'm pretending i'm nate schierholtz! look at me! wee this is fun. oh look i'm getting a medal, yay!

and then i died.

we got pretty great swag as part of our entry, including a timmy bobblehead, tee, tons of food/drink, and a medal {they gave me the wrong one, umm sure i'll pretend i finished the half marathon?}. we also got to go to the runner's night game on friday night, where the fog descended on the park as a dark omen to how my quads would feel the next day at that time.

this is an accurate picture of how saturday afternoon looked.
the rest of my weekend involved photographing a gorgeous wedding {while my calves quivered as i attempted to stay upright} and drinking mimosas for 4 hours yesterday, which definitely dulled the pain. good times!

so on that note: proud that i finished, but will probably never attempt this again.


Rosalie said...

Kelly J - Don't feel bad, you conquered a 10K and you did it with style!!! Plus, you shot a wedding this weekend even though you were in pain - that takes courage. :)

Katie said...

You make Fred & I laugh!!! Congrats on finishing the race! Love you!

Chelsea said...

I am seriously impressed. I normally refuse to run/jog. It is not flattering to me, so I don't do it. Is that a stupid motto when cars are coming at you, probably, but I'm stubborn. How was the wedding? I can't wait to see your work! xoxo

Auntie Vicki said...

You always make me smile/laugh out loud...thanks! Love your blog!

Mom said...

You did it....YAY! Congratulations Sweetie!!!