Tuesday, August 16, 2011


the photobooth: a must for any party!

i squeezed this into my tiny apartment - just needed a wall for posters i made, a table for props {fake mustaches, bandanas, feathers, sheriff's badges, cowboy hats}, and a camera on a tripod.

it was a perfect pre-outing distraction while everyone listened to music, ate some snacks, made some cocktails, and oh yeah...ate this ridiculous cake that kelly & jana made me. we love a theme!

while i'm reserving some of the more ridiculous photos of my friends for private giggling {i'm a nice photographer}, i'll gladly offer up a series of me looking a tee tiny bit...silly.

it was a fantastic weekend full of love & celebrations! thank you for your birthday wishes, friends! xo


MJ said...

this is awesome. great idea!

Libby said...

very cute photobooth! my fiance and i had been engaged for like 5 days when we booked our photobooth for our wedding. i couldnt stand not to get the exact booth i wanted! glad you had a happy birthday, too!

Libby on the Label

TP(S) said...

I'm in love. So fun celebrating fabulous YOU!