Thursday, September 1, 2011

favorite place no. 15 : bourbon & branch

last night my friend molly {the ridiculously amazing creative director of modcloth - my fave!} took me to bourbon & branch, and it was MAGICAL. i'd heard of it a million times in the press and through friends, but had never experienced for myself. it's a replica of the original speakeasy that operated at the same address on o'farrell and jones streets in the 1920s, complete with secret entrances, unmarked doors, and hidden passageways inside. the only indication you're in the right place is the "anti-saloon league" signage outside, seen here.

i think the coolest part of the whole experience is their absolute dedication to authenticity. you have to have a password to get inside {given to you when you make your reservation}, and they have a set of house rules that MUST be obeyed - no cell phone usage {they'll take it away!}, no photos, speak quietly {i.e. speak "easy"}, and hilariously, no ordering cosmos. when you first walk in it seems nearly pitch black, so it's surreal as your eyes adjust and you walk through the room to your booth with 1920s music playing softly in the background. candles flicker on the brick wall behind the bar, and every once in awhile, a wall panel swings open and someone appears from a hidden room. the menu is about 50 pages, and is filled with classic drinks that use bourbon, whisky, absinthe, bitters, & more. everything we tried was absolutely delicious.

i also got a kick out of people who came dressed in costume - lots of vintage cloches & capes on the ladies, newboys caps & vests on the guys, and a general spirit of excitement. next time i'll be sure to rock some red lips and a pencil skirt at least, as opposed to my boho maxi dress and gladiators. ;)

{all bourbon & branch images here; 1920s group shot}


Chelsea said...

Oh! That looks so fun and unique. I have to make it out west! xoxo

Ericka Johnson said...

I love Burbon & Branch.. Great Interior Decor! I Love your blog too! Thanks for the inspiration!