Friday, September 16, 2011

favorite place no. 16 : the tonga room

i'm quite literally obsessed with the tonga room...a mere mention and it brings out all sorts of squealy noises and excitement in me. it is located in the basement of the fairmont hotel, a san francisco icon of design & general classiness...aka, not the place you'd expect a tiki bar.

the tonga room is housed in what used to be the fairmont's indoor pool, called the plunge. after it closed, developers ingeniously thought, "what could go on that large body of water? hmm...probably a floating band wearing tiki shirts and leis!". so yes, the pool still exists in the center of the room, where a cover band floats on it, playing beach boys and other classic hits. and...IT RAINS! i know, crazy. there's a simulated storm within the tonga room every half an hour or so. {i realize it sounds like i'm describing the rainforest cafe. it's...cooler. promise.}

the tables line the pool and dance floor {where dancers of ALL ages seriously cut a rug...the people watching is amazing}, and a bar where coconuts and pineapples house various classic tiki concoctions. you pretty much can't go inside without breaking out into a huge smile and chugging a pina colada. it really is heaven!

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MVP said...

I seem to be featured in all your Fave Places that include alcohol...eek!