Wednesday, September 7, 2011

portrait photoshoot : jess

i love this photoshoot with jess {from one of my fave publications, sunset magazine!} for a few reasons: she's so photogenic, the bright yellow makes each photo pop, AND it's such a perfect example of how you can find good backdrops anywhere!

i'm typically a natural light photographer, which means i prefer shooting without extra lighting or flashes. this also means i don't use a studio for portraits, my clients and i pick a location and work with what's already there. jess came over to my neighborhood, and it was really easy to find different spots that worked with her outfit and coloring.

you'll notice grey stairs from a house down the street {thanks neighbors, for donating your stoop ;) }, a brick wall of the building across the street from me, seafoam green siding of a garage, and a backlit couch shot from my living room. all of this was within a half block of our starting point - pretty fun!


Katie said...

These pics are SO beautiful!!! You are so talented, Kel, and Jess is a beautiful subject! :)

Mom said...

Jess looks just beautiful! Great photos Kel!