Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

hope you enjoyed this glimpse at my saturday night - these were some of my favorite costumes (and funny moments). i'm off to work in a viking hat today for the office party, so let the festivities continue! :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

are you ready?

halloween is one of my very favorite holidays. misha came over after work today and we sorted through my {extensive} box of costumes to find her some options - she went from marie antoinette to a pirate to the evil queen in a couple minutes! my costumes always involve wigs or headwear of some sort - that's the best part. ;) hope you enjoy your weekend of halloween festivities!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

wine & canvas

last week lauren & i took advantage of a living social deal i'd found for this fun event called wine & canvas. each event is held at a wine bar, and you recreate a masterpiece {ours was a monet, can't you tell from our perfect renderings??} while drinking great wine, nibbling on cheese, and generally feeling like a fool. an instructor guides you through the steps, and it's pretty hilarious watching a room full of amateurs try to work the brushes and create impressionist-like motions. it's very relaxed, with music going and lots of chit chat, and i actually found it to be super relaxing after a busy workday.

you can visit their site and check out various cities and calendars - the paintings change every time!

Friday, October 21, 2011

so ready for the weekend!

i have my high school reunion tomorrow. just typing that gives me mild anxiety. ;) luckily, i still have a great group of friends from high school, so it's definitely a fun prospect to relive some of our antics and catch up on life. i {naturally} arranged a hair appointment for immediately prior to the event so my darling brett can work his magic and make me uber blonde. i've been pinning amazing blonde hairstyles for a few months, and those 4 are my favorites. i don't think i can ever emphasize enough "let's go REALLY blonde and also, let's never cut it again." what can i say, i love loooong and blonde.

have a fantastic weekend, everyone, and you bay area friends, watch out for those earthquakes! we had two yesterday and the evening one felt big enough to be scary. well, enough for my friend kelly and i to freak out and blow out the candles we had lit for our lady-date of dinner, hot apple cider, and a screening of the film classic center stage. earthquakes freak me out!

...ok, end rambling. xo

{images clockwise from left: one, two, three, four}

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

glitter pumpkins!

i was somehow tasked with leading the charge to plan my company halloween party, which includes an office/cube/desk decorating contest. i've been obsessed with all the glitter pumpkin images on pinterest {where all of these came from!} and totally want to try it. so easy and festive...and no pumpkin goo on my keyboard!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

gilded owl.

i've been buying very "adult" things this pillows, a crock pot, dish towels. in an effort to treat yo'self like tom haverford {click that link if you want JOY}, i also snagged a gilded owl buddy to grace the top of my bookshelf. i love him so!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mindy Kaling, Hunger Games, Sock Buns, & Zumba.

is that title exciting? haha! last night i made a video of my five faves of the week, in the style of the wonderful molls from hellogiggles. here are the links i discuss!

i forgot to include my 6th fave, which was definitely the 4 hours of kardashian/humphries wedding specials, particularly when kris jenner tells kim that if she changes her name, her perfume will have to be called HUMP.

on that note...have a very happy hump day. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my favorite fall images.

you guys, i'm ready to be COLD. i got a sunburn on saturday, silly san francisco.

doesn't this make you ready for apple cider and scarves? i'm willing the weather to turn by watching christmas movies, listening to the holiday pandora station, and buying mini pumpkins & gourds every time i go to the grocery store. sigh. ;)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

fleet week air show!

i absolutely loved the fleet week air show on saturday. the pilots do such fun tricks, flying under the golden gate bridge and dipping down close to the water. lauren hosted on us her roof deck, and we had perfect views! it's such a festive day, you can look around at every building and see everyone gathered like they're in little treehouses. san francisco in october is the best.

Friday, October 7, 2011

date with myself.

prior to getting this icky cold i'm sniffing my way through, i spent a lovely saturday having a date day with myself. do you ever do this? i got up in the morning with the intent to what i felt like. how crazy!

i took the bus down to union square and indulged in my absolute favorite brunch at cafe de la presse for croque monsieur and a latte.

...oh and some hunger games. {so much more on this to come - it was an obsession}

i actually like eating alone, seeing movies's something that i became familiar with when i first moved to london and didn't know anyone. once you get past that initial awkwardness of being like "do they all think i'm a loner?" you realize that a) no one even notices and b) it's kinda nice to just do your thing and enjoy yourself. i ended up helping the swedish couple sitting next to me pick out their dinner spot that night and recommended some wineries in napa. i'm a nice loner, see?

i spent the morning shopping in the cute boutiques and big department stores surrounding the square, and laughed when i got to the shoe department of macy's. jessica simpson was there...i still don't know why...and her "people" were trying to get everyone to get in line for autographs. obviously i did have to snap a quick photo, but no meet and greet for me. sorry j.simp, i do enjoy your shoes though.

the rest of my day entailed a high-rise iced tea break looking over the square, an adventurous new lipstick choice, and taking the long way home to see my favorite pretty houses. i think i should do this more often!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

carrot cake & birthdays.

pop quiz: these carrot cake cookies are:

a) perfect for this rainy fall weather that snuck up on us;
b) deliciously perfect;
c) a virtual shout-out to my sister for her birthday;
d) all of the above.

you know the answer. :) when i saw these i immediately thought of my big sister, because every year when we got to pick our birthday cake, she picked carrot. {it took me a LONG time to be ok with that choice, due to my picky childhood palate}. for the record: i will always pick confetti cake for mine. she is celebrating her birthday today a few thousand miles away in texas, but hopefully feeling the love from san francisco!

you can find the recipe for these bad boys right here. they're on my to-do list, that's for sure!

happy birthday dear katie!