Friday, October 7, 2011

date with myself.

prior to getting this icky cold i'm sniffing my way through, i spent a lovely saturday having a date day with myself. do you ever do this? i got up in the morning with the intent to what i felt like. how crazy!

i took the bus down to union square and indulged in my absolute favorite brunch at cafe de la presse for croque monsieur and a latte.

...oh and some hunger games. {so much more on this to come - it was an obsession}

i actually like eating alone, seeing movies's something that i became familiar with when i first moved to london and didn't know anyone. once you get past that initial awkwardness of being like "do they all think i'm a loner?" you realize that a) no one even notices and b) it's kinda nice to just do your thing and enjoy yourself. i ended up helping the swedish couple sitting next to me pick out their dinner spot that night and recommended some wineries in napa. i'm a nice loner, see?

i spent the morning shopping in the cute boutiques and big department stores surrounding the square, and laughed when i got to the shoe department of macy's. jessica simpson was there...i still don't know why...and her "people" were trying to get everyone to get in line for autographs. obviously i did have to snap a quick photo, but no meet and greet for me. sorry j.simp, i do enjoy your shoes though.

the rest of my day entailed a high-rise iced tea break looking over the square, an adventurous new lipstick choice, and taking the long way home to see my favorite pretty houses. i think i should do this more often!


Katie said...

Your day sounds heavenly! I'm so jealous! Love you XOXO

Savvy in San Francisco said...

What a fun day! I adore Cafe de la Presse! It's where I had my first Croque Monsieur.

Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola said...

That sounds like an absolutely wonderful day! I love days like that when you have no plans and can just do what you please- I find that I'm always so busy that sometimes, those days are just what I need! How funny that Jessica Simpson was here! They certainly didn't do a good job promoting it though- this is the first I heard about it!