Wednesday, November 9, 2011

baby photoshoot : parker

i haven't even finished editing this shoot from saturday, but i HAD to post a few of this handsome guy. those eyes!

and here's a great tip for how to capture this type of photo: we set up a boppy on a bed and covered it with that soft white blanket, and laid him in the "hole" part. this brings his torso and head up a bit {and is usually more fun for baby than laying totally on the tummy}. i am kneeling on the floor below the bed shooting up at him, and mom and dad are singing, cheering, waving toys {and generally being awesome} to get him to look up. SUPER easy, and in just a few minutes you can capture a million great expressions.


Cait Emma said...

He is such a doll!! And such beautiful blue eyes xoxo



casey said...

great tip for the boppy. thanks.