Sunday, November 20, 2011

that time i was in a hair show.

SOMEHOW i was convinced by my dear stylist, brett, to be one of his models in a hair show he was doing. my clueless self sat in a chair getting makeup plopped on my face, hair GLUED to my head {life lesson: don't ever believe someone when they say the glue will come off after one shampoo and the hair is easily removable. this coming from someone who is picking at glue on her scalp 9 days later}, and doing jewelry/wardrobe consultations with drag queens. obviously, it was hilarious and fun. obviously part 2, it was traumatizing. i pretty much never want to see a catwalk and/or swirling lights surrounding me again. i don't think i was a born performer!

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Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola said...

Oh my gosh! That hair!! Too fun!! And haha yes, drag queens like their bling! Was this at DNA lounge? Sounds like a blast!