Monday, February 28, 2011

monday flowers.

a happy sight every time i walk in my kitchen. is there anything better than unexpectedly getting a sweet-smelling armful of loveliness?

i've been taken over by the world of home improvements, furniture painting, and DIY disasters learning experiences. promise i'll be back to more frequent blogging soon {and with fun apartment pics along the way!} i also had some fun photoshoots this weekend, so more to come!

p.s. it did not snow this weekend. nor did it rain a single drop. oh, sf.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

let's all watch the world stop.

they are predicting snow (!) in the bay area on saturday. granted, this IS kind of silly considering that yesterday i drove to lunch with the top of my convertible down. but the HYPE, ohhh the hype...this has become an all-consuming topic on morning radio, near the water cooler, and via social media.

what will happen if the flakes fall? personally can't wait to see...this is going to be some armageddon-style business.

Monday, February 21, 2011


i'm apparently on an online shopping kick lately {see last post}, but outside of poufy-dress-browsing it's mostly been focused on things for the apartment. for example, check out this SUPER STYLISH kitchen towel rack thingie that attaches to your fridge. it changed my world. oh yes, i am quite the style maven.

and yet, somehow i managed to discover an etsy seller with the most special, quirky, and {big key!} reasonably priced hair accessories. doesn't hurt that her photography is outrageously beautiful.

i ordered a headband and can't wait to sport it {with my hair looking just as gorge as these models, right??}

{update: i'm wearing one in my "about me" photo!}

visit {just.lovely.things}

Thursday, February 17, 2011

fluffy blue layers.

happy {almost} weekend!
i was browsing modcloth at lunch and stumbled across this dress. isn't it lovely? i was immediately obsessed with the layers, color palette, and general fairy-tale feeling.
i headed over to etsy for some similar vintage comparisons, and now all i want to do is don a pale blue tulle & chiffon party dress and run around town!

these dresses can be found here, here & here.
if you buy one, i'll be jealous! take a picture of yourself twirling, please.

and this ombre skirt is pretty fab too.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

vday recap.

how did you spend your valentine's day? my rainy evening was spent amidst the boxes in my almost-packed apartment, but we managed to fit in some festive activities:

dinner picnic:
fabulous romantic comedies {and cody's favorite movie}:
the trainwreck that was the bachelor in aguilla:
but most of all, i love YOU lovely friends for reading!

Monday, February 14, 2011

love day!

my breakfast - a heart cupcake {s'mores from kara's...mmm} - and i wish you a day full of love and smooches!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


i found the PERFECT little kitchen rug at crate & barrel. simple stripes, nice and wide, and amazing colors:

best part? currently 50% off! you can scoop up this bad boy for $9.95. i chose the 'sunshine' color and can't wait to see it in action.

Monday, February 7, 2011

home is where the heart {& huge security deposit} is.

this is the face of a deranged woman who viewed
174 apartments in one week:
{or maybe just somewhere in the teens}
i saw the good, the bad, and the suuuuper ugly. i read craigslist ads for people advertising that the apartment comes with BREAKFAST {apparently it was above a diner}. i saw people advertising that they were looking for a roommate to share their child's bunk bed {bottom bunk}. i saw more than one post specifying "no ferrets."

and yet, in the above blurry iphone pic, i am collapsed on the floor due to exhaustion lounging within the freshly-painted walls of my new apartment.

upsides: it is insanely bright, full of vintage touches, and my dining room has more storage than my entire current apartment.
downsides: my landlord now owns my firstborn AND some stock options, just in case i put too many holes in a wall. love the life of renting in the city.

look forward to some upcoming posts about decorating {...and whining about moving, most likely}.

hello san francisco february.

bluebonnet and i have been enjoying our daily drives down embarcadero this month. {sorry to my family freezing in texas. and my friends freezing on the east coast.}

Saturday, February 5, 2011

at this time last year...

i was on a yacht in south beach getting ready to go to the superbowl and cheer the saints to victory. this year: i'll be at a bar. ha.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

i want to live here.

all my stress would float away in those balloons. how fun is this?
{image found here}

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ranunculus galore!

on saturday i was feeling mopey and bummed out after viewing a bunch of apartments that were a.) ridiculously expensive and b.) not remotely cute. i walked by these gorgeous ranunculus that my friend kelli brought over, and noticed they had started to droop. i captured a few pictures of them before they were wilted completely, and i actually think the dropping petals are quite lovely. this definitely cheered me up.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

newborn photoshoot: violet

i can finally post these adorable pictures because my sweet sister sent out the birth announcements! yes, this squishy ball of cuddly baby is my darling niece, violet sophia.

we did a quick photoshoot when she was 9 days old, on christmas day. her purple flower hat is from this awesome etsy seller.

utterly in love, obviously. :)