Thursday, March 31, 2011

vacay time!

this week got cuh-razy all of a sudden.

but, it's time to hit the bar to watch these boys open the season:

and then off to houston tomorrow morning to watch these boys play the games of their lives!
{sorry butler, espn doesn't love you enough to include in their site graphics right now.}

so excited for these next few days!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i am beyond excited for this...

but i have to wait until november 1. boo!
amazon pre-order: done.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

before & after : coffee table

somehow my laptop ate all of the "mid-process" pics i took of this project {or more likely: i never uploaded and wiped a memory card}, so a simple before & after will have to do!

before: a dark, ikea-veneered, boxy coffee table. i love this guy because of the storage {2 big drawers in front, and the other side is entirely shelves}, but it had become scratched, water-ringed, and basically hideous after 4+ years of aggressive use. plus, brass handles. eek.

after: painted the whole thing {including hardware} in behr's "elephant skin." i wanted it to blend in, so as to not feel quite as bulky. the new surrounding furniture clearly helps with the transformation too, and i adore that mirrored tray on top.

the apartment is coming together...finally! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

engagement shoot : neema & brad

no words, right? i am so in love with neema's amazing oufit.

we shot these in san jose, right before their engagement party {which, incidentally, was possibly the most fun i've had shooting an event. aunts and uncles and cousins and babies dancing all night long}. such a great couple!

Friday, March 25, 2011

thank you michael kors.

could it be that my dedicated effort to tone down my road rage and bring a ridiculously high level of politeness to my commute is paying karmic dividends, courtesy of this man??

tell me more, michael kors' gesturing hand!
i got a call circa 2pm today that somehow i managed to win the raffle at last night's party. and what did i get to pick up?

what? amazingness! i hustled myself to union square to meet the new member of my closet family. i think we'll be very happy.

{note: my friend carolyn also won- a sapphire and diamond necklace. huh? that can happen to people i know? seriously, this party paid off in unthinkable ways. and to quote misha: "all i got was a hangover!" wah wah.}

one liedesdorff.

last night we attended a benefit for junior league at one liedesdorff, my new favorite party venue in sf. it is an old bank with HUGE decorative chandeliers, and they turned the old teller booths into the bar. isn't that fun?

misha & chris:

the lead singer of pop rocks having an evita moment on the staircase:

lauren and i, mere moments after i went nuts bidding on silent auction items. i won one {and my wallet was thankful i did not win more-ha!}

hope you have a fun weekend ahead!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

maternity & family photoshoot : the chao fam

are you ready for some "aww"-ing on this gloomy wednesday? {seriously, when will the rain stop??}

i met this adorable family at alta plaza park, and was immediately entertained by 2-year-old lucca - she is the sweetest.
and, if you couldn't tell because kelsey looks AMAZING- there is a little mister on the way very soon! kelsey just glows, and it was so fun to watch lucca consider what's going on in that tummy.aren't they such a beautiful family? very excited to meet this new little one when he arrives soon!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

lalala love lollia.

lauren and i spent sunday afternoon browsing boutiques on polk st, and it was there that i fell in love with a candle. yes, LOVE. we are running away together.

{lollia tea leaves & honey}

sigh. even the packaging is so beautiful! unfortunately, this candle costs $56, which made go, ummm ok never mind, i'll smell you in this shop for 15 minutes until i am kicked out.

if you want to browse the delicious and seriously gorgeous lollia products, neiman marcus has the best selection. swoon.

Friday, March 18, 2011

photobooth friday.

my first purchase of this giants season:
if you know san francisco, you'll understand that this will come in VERY handy this summer on those freezing nights!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

photoshoot : baby jackson

guess who's 3 months old?
{well, will be tomorrow!}
it's apparently baby week over on this here blog, and little jackson is just the handsomest boy ever.

look at those baby blues!
he makes the funniest little faces...
and looooves to giggle at his mama.

he was such a trooper through our shoot, and then pooped out at the end. i do not blame you, little sir.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

photoshoot : baby reese

there has never been a more smiley baby than miss reese delaney - and she's proud of those 2 bottom teeth!
we did a little photoshoot at her mama julie's house, after she plied me with the most delicious egg tart, homemade scones & cream, and mimosas...yummm. serious hostessing action going on, jules. {and yes, i'm off track from this darling babe!}

she loves sophie the giraffe.
and to me, this looks like a school portrait. give the eyes, reese!
reese is a stylish girl.
sometimes sitting up gets a little too hard, but good thing that's hilarious too...
almost as hilarious as mama fake-sneezing for 15 minutes so i could get some laughing pictures...thanks jules.
love you little reese!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

before & after : side table

this is currently my favorite little nook of my apartment:

my favorite mirror, a vintage suitcase {from the alameda flea market}, and a stripey table! this also serves the purpose to hide a not-so-cute heater vent in the wall, so it's functional too. the table didn't always look like this, however...

hello past life, past apartment:

the dark wood just wasn't going to happen in the new place. i am a total novice when it comes to painting furniture, so i wandered into home depot with a confused smile and let them help me decide what to do. the furniture paint colors i chose were behr's "french linen" and "elephant skin." i didn't even have to sand or prime because this paint was an all-in-one type, so that was a HUGE timesaver and incentive to go for the pricier paint {$33/gallon...though my little home depot friend winked and gave me a discount to $5/gallon. swear i didn't ask for it!}

this is one coat of the french linen:
seriously good coverage! there were some thin parts on closer glance, so i ended up doing 2 coats to be safe. i thought this was a little too plain though, so i nervously decided i could handle doing some stripes.

i used painters tape and measured it out to have 3 wide stripes.
it actually peeled off really cleanly - woo!
and here she is:
see that ugly vent?? yeesh. glad i found a way to cover it!

many more before & afters to come, since i am now obsessed with throwing down the tarp in my living room and painting everything in sight! ;)