Tuesday, August 30, 2011

kiss me kate.

seems like all bloggers love kate spade, right? i think it's the whimsical jewelry, bright colors, and gorgeous site design that sucks me in.

there is so much fabulousness going right now at the kate spade sample sale. i picked up some beauties last night for 75% off that are already gone!

Monday, August 29, 2011

views of a 10k.

ohhh boy. on saturday i ran the giants 10k. the best way i can describe going into this? ill-prepared. last summer we ran the 5k, and i made it a 2011 new year's resolution to run a longer race this year. things to note: last year i was running 4x/week, hiking around greece, and was {according to the photos} a LOT tanner/cuter. ha! this summer, i had been nursing a sprained ankle from blindly stepping into a pothole on fillmore, and was spending my days in the office with my laptop, not rushing to the gym after work. so, yeah, SUPER READY to run twice the distance.

as i hunted for my running shoes at 6am, i wondered how this would go. it was somewhat exciting at the starting line, and i still think it's super fun to end the race by running the bases at AT&T park, so i convinced myself it would be fine. here's how this went for the 6.4 miles:

mile 0-1:
la di da. this is fine! just warming up, listening to some nicki minaj on my ipod. i think i'll be fine.

mile 1-2:
hmm ok, people are like, sprinting. i'm just going to keep my steady jog going. this really isn't so awful, is it! oh and haha, there's the 5k turnaround for all those weaklings who didn't do the 10k!

mile 2-3:
where on EARTH is the 10k turnaround? i'm DYING! i need to walk. no don't walk yet. no i need to. ok i'm walking. ahhh this is heavenly. {note: don't stop running, or you will NEVER want to start again. whoops.}

mile 3-4:
ok i'm seriously cranky that the turnaround is past the hard rock cafe at pier 39. this is a long way! i need to at least jog through the turnaround. i cannot even handle that i'm just halfway done. i'm ready to call a cab.

mile 4-5:
hi green shirt guy. you look pretty sporty and i've been keeping up with you most of the way. i'm going to be your shadow. you walk, i walk. you run, i'll run. {note: i seriously credit him for helping me get through this. thanks guy.}

mile 5-6:
hey who are all these lithe people sprinting by me? oh dear god, these are the HALF MARATHONERS. they are finishing their 12th mile while i finish my 5th?! i'm depressed.

visual evidence...i pretended this was for me.

mile 6-6.4:
ok, i see AT&T park. run fast. i feel my blisters. ow. ok crossing into the park. ooh i'm on the warning track. i'm pretending i'm nate schierholtz! look at me! wee this is fun. oh look i'm getting a medal, yay!

and then i died.

we got pretty great swag as part of our entry, including a timmy bobblehead, tee, tons of food/drink, and a medal {they gave me the wrong one, umm sure i'll pretend i finished the half marathon?}. we also got to go to the runner's night game on friday night, where the fog descended on the park as a dark omen to how my quads would feel the next day at that time.

this is an accurate picture of how saturday afternoon looked.
the rest of my weekend involved photographing a gorgeous wedding {while my calves quivered as i attempted to stay upright} and drinking mimosas for 4 hours yesterday, which definitely dulled the pain. good times!

so on that note: proud that i finished, but will probably never attempt this again.

Friday, August 26, 2011

hello, dolly!

oh, that hair is so big! {that could be the first time in decades that someone's commented on big her HAIR is}. so great.

happy friday!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

beauty products : 2

1. glow by jlo {don't judge me!! it smells so good and that bottle has lasted since college. hehe.}
2. lola by marc jacobs. rawr.
3. michael by michael kors. gardenias galore.
4. very hollywood by michael kors. just trying this one out.
5. daisy by marc jacobs. a new treat {birthday pressie from my sister!}

i always love finding out what perfumes people wear. scents are SO individual - these are my five faves now, but it has been an evolution. i used to hate "real" perfume {only wanted pineapple bath & body works spray or lovespell from victoria's secret - oh my}, but glow by jlo converted me early on in college. i often get comments from girlfriends who see this on my vanity, like REALLY? you WANT to smell like marc anthony's makeout sesh? but truly, i promise it is light and delicious.

another crazy thing is how scents immediately call back memories of people or times of your life. i remember being in college and obsessed with michael by michael kors, but my friend heather wore it daily, so it was almost like she "owned" that smell. would people think i was single white female-ing her if i suddenly showed up wafting gardenia goodness around? thankfully i got over it, because i absolutely LOVE it. whenever i smell it now, it still reminds me of a certain lecture hall at ucsd and excitement of sorority dances - haha!

marc jacobs has turned into my latest love for perfumes - daisy for daytime, lola if it's a little black dress.

what are your go-to scents? are you a chanel no. 5 or a bath & body works gal?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

portrait photoshoot : catherine

i recently did a portrait photoshoot with my gorgeous friend catherine in her san francisco home. i love how bright and airy it is, and all the beautiful details she's incorporated {and i was obsessed with the bolts of fabric in her living room - she's a designer, and those unintentional items just fit beautifully}. a lovely space and an even more lovely lady!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


my morning post i usually put up before work just did not happen today. ever have one of those days where you're just like, what is going on in this world? the only good part was chatting with the US census bureau lady. like 20 minutes into the call, i was convincing myself that she was my friend. "i bet she normally talks to really cranky people. i bet this is the best cold call she made today. i wonder if she's judging the square footage of my apartment...no, she totally loves me!"

SIGH you guys, somebody just stop me.

{photo by christian skrein, found on pinterest}

Monday, August 22, 2011


 so totally in LOVE with these watercolor sketches from belafonte. the worst thing about this shop is deciding what to buy. just perfect.

Friday, August 19, 2011

favorite place no. 14 : beach blanket babylon

it's time to add another gem to my favorite san francisco places! beach blanket babylon is the longest running musical revue in the country and has been a san francisco institution for decades. my parents and i went to see it for the first time last night and...WOW. amazing costumes {huge headwear is their thing}, absolutely hilarious, and the singers were seriously chills-inducing. the show changes regularly to feature pop culture topics {my favorites from last night included kim kardashian, bieber, oprah, kate middleton, and the giants - brian wilson, timmy, and buster}. the show moves fast and you're left cracking up and enjoying the song parodies. if you visit san francisco {or better yet, if you live here!} check it out! tickets here.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

beauty products : 1

i've been wanting to start a series of my favorite beauty products, especially so I can hear you chime in about YOUR favorites! for this first series i focused on drugstore products under $10 that i use all the time, and absolutely love.

1. revlon just bitten lipstain in flame - $7.99. you can eat, drink, kiss, even SLEEP in this, and it looks the exact same as when you applied it. it's kind of crazy!

2. sally hansen insta-dri - $4.54. i have taken to giving myself lunchtime manicures in the car, because this stuff is completely dry and looks amazing after one coat & 60 seconds. great color selection too!

3. john frieda sheer blonde 'go blonder' - $5.49 each. i use this 3x a week {moisturizing shampoo/conditioner the other days} and find it keeps my highlights from getting brassy. it's similar to a clarifying system, but cheap!

what are your go-to cheap beauty supplies? i want to know!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

if marie antoinette had pinterest.

    le sigh.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


the photobooth: a must for any party!

i squeezed this into my tiny apartment - just needed a wall for posters i made, a table for props {fake mustaches, bandanas, feathers, sheriff's badges, cowboy hats}, and a camera on a tripod.

it was a perfect pre-outing distraction while everyone listened to music, ate some snacks, made some cocktails, and oh yeah...ate this ridiculous cake that kelly & jana made me. we love a theme!

while i'm reserving some of the more ridiculous photos of my friends for private giggling {i'm a nice photographer}, i'll gladly offer up a series of me looking a tee tiny bit...silly.

it was a fantastic weekend full of love & celebrations! thank you for your birthday wishes, friends! xo

Monday, August 15, 2011


it's my birthday! yahoo. i spent the weekend with so many amazing friends {photobooth pics from the wild wild west party forthcoming}, and my parents are in sf tonight for a very special birthday dinner. i'm a lucky girl!

Friday, August 12, 2011

learning french {...again}

i studied french all through high school {and was even a teaching assistant for old madame merchant, who reeked of perfume and sweat...oy}, and then again at the alliance francaise in sacramento when i worked for the kings. it's been a good 3+ years since my last conversation en francais, so i started listening to the coffee break french podcasts in the car during my commute {when a giants game isn't on, natch}. i feel pretty silly when another driver catches me animatedly repeating french phrases alone in my car, but i think it's helping!

do you speak any other languages? do you have any recommendations for online classes or podcasts?

Thursday, August 11, 2011


refinery 29 did a fun feature on the best flats for san francisco girls. we trudge up and down those hills all day long, people - i seriously NEVER wear heels anymore! i fell in love with this purple striped oxford from lemlem, and i think this girl would totally wear them too. ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

watercolor tulips.

i bought a bunch of these gorgeous tulips for $4.99 at trader joe's, and after one day they had completely expanded their petals and drained their originally vibrant pink color. {on that note: is my apartment too warm?} i ended up loving the way they looked though, just like a soft watercolor.

alternate identity

this was an alternative header banner, made quickly during blogshop just to be inspiration. i usually prefer whites & soft blues, but this is pretty cute too. who doesn't enjoy a heart balloon? :)

i found that adorable USA print on pinterest, made by feltandwire.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

four eyes

she is too cute with her crazy hair and big glasses - and actually makes them look pretty badass. and that glasses print...ohhh how i wish that was hanging above my desk. jane from sea of shoes also posted a cute tee that fits with this theme - can you find it?

Monday, August 8, 2011

hi hi.

i was lucky enough to have a portrait taken by angela kohler, genius photog. my google+ profile is gonna look pretty sharp, guys!

{that's a joke...does anyone use g+?}


new default hairstyle for a bad hair day- i'm in love!

Friday, August 5, 2011

it's hair day!

today i'm lucky enough to half a day off work to drive to sacramento to get my hair done. yes, i drive 90+ miles because i'm in love with my stylist, brett, who has been doing my hair for approximately 10 years - aka, my longest relationship? ;) i always want to do something "different", but my ideas below may not actually pan out...

after i'm beautified, i'll drive another 100 miles east to continue on to another gorgeous weekend in lake tahoe. hallelujah! have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

sprinkles + sweetness

confession: i am in love with atlantic-pacific. blair's style is so quirky & colorful, and her san francisco backdrops always make me smile {not to mention, those NYC settings aren't too shabby either}. one of my favorite recent outfits featured this candy-colored shirt, and i coudn't get enough!

{sprinkes: heyzee, shirt: atlantic-pacific, purse: rue magazine, tea set: susannah conway}

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

blogshop recap!

i've been tweeting & blogging up a storm about blogshop, and some of you may be wondering what was so amazing that i can't shut up about it! i spent the weekend being schooled by bri emery & angela kohler with some fellow bloggers, writers, photographers, and generally creative-inclined ladies who were SUCH a treat to hang out with. and who doesn't prefer making mood boards with a mimosa in hand?

if you are someone who loves the blogging world and wants to spruce up your photoshoppin' skills, i would highly recommend it - next stops on their journey include NYC, Chicago, Paris, and Berlin! we covered more than i could have imagined, including animating gifs, retouching, creating templates, barreling {literally my #1 fave of the summer - i will barrel all day night forever + ever + ever amen}, and more. the whole shebang was classy to the max, with delish catering, beautiful giftbags {stationary, vintage scarf, baggu bag, arch craft supplies & gift card, nude skin care, designlovefest journal & takeaway usb packed with textures & files...the list goes on!}, and a truly exceptional studio space.

if you have any questions, let me know in the comments! thanks bri + angela!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

at&t park photobooth.

my darling lauren accompanied me to last night's giants game -- which we were sure to win since we had lost our last 3, right? law of averages!

wah wah. we enjoyed our churro in the freezing night anyway. let's go gigantes, stop making me sad!

Monday, August 1, 2011

a new look!

oh hey, a site redesign! after being so inspired all weekend, i simply couldn't let my blog sit around looking so shabby {not exactly chic}, so i came up with a new logo and spruced things up around here.