Tuesday, January 3, 2012


it's time for resolutions, isn't it? i was kind of nervous to revisit last year's, but let's see how i did:

1. refrain from using my new car as a second closet/storage unit. check! i even have an appointment to get that cutie detailed in a couple weeks.
2. run a race that is longer than a 5k. ugh...did a 10k {begrudgingly} and it sucked. :) see my recap here.
3. come up with 3 creative photography projects and execute. big fat fail! despite booking like 20 photoshoots in november & december alone, i didn't really tackle any of the "creative" stuff i really wanted to try. i did make a huge list of ideas/inspiration, so maybe i can work on it this year.
4. clean out my closet and donate to goodwill every 3 months. pretty much a yes. although cody did tell me yesterday "you know i could just lay down in your closet and sleep like a baby because of all the clothes on the floor". whoops. maybe reorganizing will be a key in 2012. ;)
5. re-vamp le blog. done - twice! this version is the post-blogshop version, and i'm still digging it.
6. explore marin county, once of the most gorgeous places in california. so happy to say i made this a focus too! from sausalito to novato to tiburon, i explored marin quite a few times. one of my favorite days is here.
7. take a new self-portrait. done x 12, basically. i plastered this blog with my face - haha.
8. find new blogs/bloggers to love, be inspired by, and become blog-friends. DEFINITELY done! i can't tell you how many new blogs i've fallen in love with in 2011, and how many blog-friendships i've formed through this blog, twitter, and instagram. a few of of these amazing women you should check out are chelsea, elease, and emily...and there are SO many more. if you have recommendations for more blogs i should follow, please tell me!

and now for 2012:
1. get fit/lose some lbs! my friend catherine is running a "biggest loser" contest for her friends & family leading up to her wedding in august {with jose villa as her photog, sidenote, so i might just die when i see him in action}. the pot for the winner is about $1500, so if that's not incentive, i don't know what is!
2. spend more time on crafty DIYs. i loved painting/making over furniture when i moved last year, so i need to keep finding fun projects for my tiny apartment.
3. organize my closet...and keep it that way. that's really the hard part, huh.
4. use my willpower to make the 49ers win the superbowl. yup. haha. ;)
5. keep my focus on happiness, always.

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