Monday, January 30, 2012

favorite place no. 17 : straw

the theme of this weekend: food! for someone who has been dieting since jan 1, this was insane. i didn't even eat this crazily in vegas, my goodness. but, i enjoyed every minute of it, squeezed in some gym time, and can be back to spinach-banana smoothies today. :)

our first stop on saturday morning was straw in hayes valley. it's a carnival-themed restaurant, complete with crazy foods, alcoholic slushees, and even old carnival rides set up as booths. i completely forgot to take ANY pictures of my friends {sorry lovelies}, we basically just all stared slack-jawed at the menu and our plates the whole time! the meal was incredible, incredibly rich {...clearly}, and the service there was wonderful. they delivered lollipops with our bill, which was a sweet treat at the end. if you are visiting sf, or are a local with friends in town, this is a PERFECT destination for a unique brunch.


Savvy in San Francisco said...

Ummm....this looks AMAZINGINGLY delicious!

mvp said...


Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola said...

Omg how have I never heard of this place?! It sounds incredible! I'm always looking for new brunch places too! The food looks ridiculously amazing but let's face it, you had me at Sangria Slushies! ;)