Thursday, January 5, 2012

san francisco, 1955.

after i watched this video this morning i KNEW i had to share it here. 20 minutes is likely too long for those of you who aren't SF residents, but i absolutely adored touring the city and seeing what it was like in the 1950s! the biggest standouts for me are playland, the amusement park that's no longer there {but the relics can be seen at musee mechanic}, how fast the car squeals down lombard street {i was worried he was gonna crash} and how there is ZERO traffic on either of the bridges or on van ness - i wish that was still true today!

** update: if you're reading this in google reader or an rss feed, apparently the video doesn't show up. click through to the actual post!


Mom said...

I loved this film! San Francisco was (and is) such a beautiful and fascinating city. The Sky Tram looked interesting (wonder why it's gone) and the filming around Playland reminded me that Nani and Poppi lived in that area right after they married in 1939.

Dad said...

Great video. Couldn't figure out the exact year but the newer cars looked like 1953/54. You'll never see Lombard again with only one car going down!

Sugario said...

Very cool video! Thanks so much for sharing! I wish that sky tram were still around.