Thursday, January 26, 2012

vegas via instagram

4 days in vegas was...a lot. haha. we had an AMAZING time, starting from the 7am mimosas at SFO til our delayed flight home kept us napping in the vegas airport later than we wanted. in between was filled with SO many activities, from the mind-blowing zac brown band concert to the UNLV basketball game {we snuck into the student section...excited to say i still pass for 21} and all the casinos in between. plus, many beers that were bigger than my head. ;)

and that niners game...i mean, kill me. it's sort of tragic that the last post lingering on my blog was my blind optimism after the big win. sigh. superbowl has officially become ONLY about the nachos, not about the game.


Chelsea said...

Lady, nachos are still something to look forward to! You look adorable. xo

Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola said...

Omigosh, 4 days in Vegas is definitely a lot but it sounds like you had a blast and had the perfect mix of activities!! I'd love to see Zac Brown Band in concert!