Friday, February 24, 2012


at the crack of dawn i am off to cancun! this vacation seemed to sneak up on me, but i can't wait for a week of laying on those beaches, drinking pina coladas, and playing with my sweet nieces. much needed rest & relaxation coming right up!

{images from azul beach resort, where i will be for 7 blissful days!}

new bedside table: a painting DIY

i had been pining after beautiful victorian telephone tables for awhile, with one eye to craigslist in the hopes that someday i could find one for my apartment. as luck would have it, a few months ago a girl in my neighborhood posted one that she was selling for a measly $15! and quickly, i saw why...

hmm. tons of water ring damage, chipped off feet, and generally just a little gross and dusty. i loved the shape though, so i figured i could fix it up!

i had lots of leftover paint from my other projects, so i chose behr's french linen for this. i considered adding some flair in the way of stripes or contrast colors, but i think the shape is curvy enough to hold interest with simple white.

the best part of getting a paint with a primer in it is that you can get away with not sanding. for someone who lives in the city with zero outdoor space (no garage/driveway/patio/backyard), sanding really isn't an option for me. instead, i washed it with warm wet cloths and let it dry for a few hours.

speaking of no outside area for sanding, i also have no outside area for painting. soooo:

yeah. just throw some catalogue pages down on the kitchen table and get cracking! :) keep some windows open so your teeny apartment doesn't overwhelm you with paint fumes.

after 2 coats and a few days for drying, i set up this sweet little table at my bedside. my favorite part is how the alcove fits my laptop just perfectly, so i can tuck it away but still have it next to my bed. add some flowers, a candle, and a saucer for jewelry, and i'm totally in love with my $15 purchase!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

pretty in pink

hello my pretties.

{sketch from garance dore, bracelets & girl from the amazing spring shopruche lookbook, flower mantel from lauren conrad}

Monday, February 20, 2012


unlike most of you beautiful people, i didn't get today off - how sad is that? the empty freeway this morning was my only solace. i made the most of my 2 days off, though. not pictured: watching 8 episodes of downton abbey. :) soooo productive! i am almost caught up and can't wait to hear what happened in last night's finale...too juicy.

Friday, February 17, 2012

summer stripes

one week from tomorrow i'll be soaking up the rays in cancun - yahoo! these summery stripes from heidi merrick & chloe certainly put me in the mood for some sunshine.

happy weekend!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day links.

Friday, February 10, 2012

true that.

{buy this cute print here; animation done by moi!}
have truer words ever been printed? :) tonight i am off to celebrate the end of a long week with a champagne cocktail at the bubble lounge - i can't wait! have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

tahoe house inspiration.

{image sources, clockwise from left: wooden room; tahoe beaches sign; firewood basket;  
my parents are in the midst of renovating their new lake tahoe house {pink carpet and lace curtains with geese patterns didn't QUITE fit in with the desired aesthetic}, so of course i've been a pinterest maniac finding beautiful textiles and inspiration for a cozy lake cabin. i feel happy just looking at this little collage!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

san francisco presidio engagement session : nick & melissa

this engagement session probably gave me the most outtakes i have EVER seen - nick & melissa absolutely cracked up through the whole thing, and it was hilarious! it was SO much fun running around the presidio and palace of fine arts with this two, just smiling and laughing and watching them be silly in love. helps that they are the cutest couple, so those crack-up photos come out beautifully too. what a fantastic day we had.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

on dieting : month 1

since it's superbowl sunday and i'm about to go munch on nachos for 3 hours, let's talk about diets! :) as i mentioned in my new year's resolution post, one of my goals this year is to lose weight and get healthier. my friend catherine is running a 'biggest loser' contest leading up to her wedding in august that comes with a large cash prize {we're talking almost 2k} and tons of motivation! just the mere thought of having to her email her dad {our moderator} my weight at the end of every month is terrifying enough to make me run to a treadmill when i'm feeling uninspired. ;)

my plan was such: instead of giving myself a huge number of pounds to lose overall, i'd take it monthly. i figured it was reasonable to lose 5 pounds per month by increasing my gym time and eating mindfully and healthily. that would put me at 40 pounds lost by the end of august - which sounds like a LOT, doesn't it? i would weigh less than i did as a freshman in high school, and while i have never ever been skinny, i was playing year-long sports with 3 hours of daily practice, and was in great shape. kind of a crazy thought.

well you guys, in january i lost 10 pounds! i was so shocked and thrilled by this result - especially since i had a 4-day vegas trip {hello beer, hello tequila} and a few weekends of indulgence {hello straw, hello american cupcake}. i thought a fun way to track this journey would be to talk each month about the winners and losers i'd tested in this dieting plan.

green smoothies are everywhere right now, aren't they? i was obviously skeptical, but here is the best combo for a great-tasting smoothie: 1 banana, 2 handfuls of baby spinach, about half a cup of vanilla almond milk, half a cup of frozen berries, and ice. i promise, you cannot taste the spinach AT ALL, and you are loading your body up with so much goodness. it's also really filling, so i typically make this part of my dinner after i go to the gym in the evening.

fit day is an online diet/exercise tracker, and also an iphone app. each day i take a few minutes to log what i've eaten, and not only does it track your calories, it also shows you what your breakdown is in terms of protein, carbs, and fat. you can also log your exercise to see what kind of calorie balance you're ending your days with. i have been eating 1200-1500 calories per day and trying to exercise at least 4 days a week, burning 400 calories or more each time. my breakdown during the day is normally breakfast/300, lunch/550, dinner/500 {with an effort to stay away from carbs at dinner}. as weird as it sounds, this does keep you accountable, and i feel a little sense of pride when i can look back at a day and see a list of healthy foods that filled me up and gave me energy.

is it weird that someone else's blog is one of my main winners this month? i am 100% in love with can you stay for dinner, the memoirs and recipes of andie mitchell. andie lost 135 pounds {!} and she writes so beautifully on changing her attitude toward food and exercise. i have probably read her weight loss stories 10 times over the past month, and i leave feeling so inspired every time. her attitude is so rational, so moderate, and so empowering that i just can't get enough. plus her recipes are fantastic too!

runners up for my winners include: kashi go-lean rolls {190 calories of deliciousness and protein for mornings when real breakfast isn't an option}, hummus {my favorite indulgence that i fit into at least a meal per day} and watching the biggest loser.

speaking of LOSERS:

5am gym time: because i tend to have a lot going on in the evenings, i decided i could force myself out of bed to go to the gym before work. i apparently am just NOT a morning person, to the point where i would literally have to sleep in my sports bra and work out pants in order to have a CHANCE of getting myself out of bed. haha! i think i'll just scrap the torture in february.

avoiding eating out: in the first 2 weeks i was beyond paranoid about eating out. when i cook at home, i know exactly what is in my food and how many calories i'm consuming. in restaurants - who knows? i found myself not wanting to have dinner with friends, join my co-workers at lunches, etc. it was so lame, i'm shaking my head at myself now. i think i've found a good balance, which is basically like: go for salads, focus on healthy sauces {tomato > alfredo, duh right}, take half of it home, etc - and it's ok to have some chips & queso at tacolicious if i want it. ;)

so that's the summary for month 1 - hope you don't mind this change of pace from my normal posting. if you guys like this, i can keep it up for the next months. february is off to a good start!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

american cupcake

to continue the constant stream of food posting on this blog, here's another hot tip for you: american cupcake on union street is amazing. as with most large cities, there are cupcake places on practically every block in my neighborhood. my all-time favorite is kara's {vanilla coconut cupcakes, mmm}, but after a morning of shopping on union street we decided to duck in here.

the best parts about american cupcake are a) outdoor seating for these sunny weekends we've had, b) champagne/wine pairings for cupcakes - we did sofia in the cute pink cans, and c) their crazy array of flavors, from pixi stick to fleur de sel. i chose cookies n' cream, and i can honestly say it's in my top 3 cupcakes i've ever had. it was like a dairy queen blizzard in baked form, if that makes any sense!

on that note, i'm going to be posting about the diet i've been on since january 1st...even i'm laughing as i write that...but it actually is working, despite what you see here. promise. ;)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my funny valentine

i can't believe it's already february 1st! in honor of this new month i thought i'd share my favorite valentines. i tend to prefer something on the lighter side, can you tell? ;)