Friday, February 24, 2012

new bedside table: a painting DIY

i had been pining after beautiful victorian telephone tables for awhile, with one eye to craigslist in the hopes that someday i could find one for my apartment. as luck would have it, a few months ago a girl in my neighborhood posted one that she was selling for a measly $15! and quickly, i saw why...

hmm. tons of water ring damage, chipped off feet, and generally just a little gross and dusty. i loved the shape though, so i figured i could fix it up!

i had lots of leftover paint from my other projects, so i chose behr's french linen for this. i considered adding some flair in the way of stripes or contrast colors, but i think the shape is curvy enough to hold interest with simple white.

the best part of getting a paint with a primer in it is that you can get away with not sanding. for someone who lives in the city with zero outdoor space (no garage/driveway/patio/backyard), sanding really isn't an option for me. instead, i washed it with warm wet cloths and let it dry for a few hours.

speaking of no outside area for sanding, i also have no outside area for painting. soooo:

yeah. just throw some catalogue pages down on the kitchen table and get cracking! :) keep some windows open so your teeny apartment doesn't overwhelm you with paint fumes.

after 2 coats and a few days for drying, i set up this sweet little table at my bedside. my favorite part is how the alcove fits my laptop just perfectly, so i can tuck it away but still have it next to my bed. add some flowers, a candle, and a saucer for jewelry, and i'm totally in love with my $15 purchase!


Catherine said...

Kelly, this is too cute. I love it! And the detail shots are great. Hope you're having an amazing time in Cancun!

Lemanie said...

Wow you made that into such a beautiful table!! It's was cool before but now it looks great!!

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Lissette Pinelo said...

I have the same exact table but in my house it's our bar. Never thought about painting it white. hhhmmmm