Thursday, March 29, 2012

cancun photos, part III : isla mujeres

i went to mexico like a month ago, and yet here i am, still reveling in photos/forcing you to look at them. it helps that it's been pouring rain here in sf for what seems like 2 weeks. last post, promise!

my parents and i took a quick day trip {via ferry} out to isla mujeres, which means "island of the maidens" - in mayan times, it was the home of the fertility goddess, and then it was later where the pirates of the carribbean {real ones} would drop off their lady loves and kiddos while they pillaged and plundered ships. awesome.

the island is only about 5 miles long, so transportation is done via golf cart or vespas. i got stuck at the back of the golf cart, feet dangling off as my dad raced around like it was the autopia ride at disneyland. precious cargo on board, father, jeez! despite me freaking out initially, it ended up being pretty fun.

we ended up stopping at this gorgeous beach front restaurant for mojitos, and that was a definite highlight. right after we headed out to the south point of the island, where iguanas sun themselves on the rocks - they were too funny.

our last stop was past mayan ruins and beach front mansions into the cute town, where a bucket of coronas is $5 {amazing!} and there are some cute shopping stalls. it was a super relaxing, fun day!


Frankie said...

Gorgeous pictures! And those shells are stunning. I hope you got one as a souvenier!

Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola said...

Ohh I could never grow tired of looking at these beautiful pics! I love the history of the place! At first I was incensed by it but now I'm thinking that'd be a pretty awesome place to be dropped off at! :) And mojitos on the beach? Sounds perfect!!

his little Lady said...

these photos are so absolutely stunning! i really need to go on a little vacation right about now :)
xo TJ