Thursday, March 15, 2012

the hunger games world premiere.

{photos via the hunger games facebook page}
have you guys read the hunger games? i was obsessed with it when i read it. i'd reserve conference rooms at lunch and go hide away to devour the trilogy- i think it took me a little over a week for all 3 books.

excitingly enough, i also get to be involved with the movies in a professional capacity {hello fun job}, so i was thrilled to be invited to the world premiere in LA on monday night. while i've gotten to do some pretty cool things because of my career path, i'm sure that this was my all-time favorite.

the movie was AMAZING. it totally delivered. my favorite parts were:
  • seeing the costumes during the parade of tributes in the capitol; 
  • the moment right before you see the arena and cornucopia - i swear, the anticipation was INSANE just feeling everyone leaning forward and holding their breath to see what it looked like;
  • getting to see a lot more detail about seneca and the gamemakers, as well as their super cool, futuristic, mission-control style room where the control the games. honestly amazing.
from a fangirl perspective, we also loved getting to see all the celebrities come in. miranda lambert, the other 2 pistol annies, and blake shelton were in front of us - i MAY have blurted out "i love you" to her while we were in the ladies room. whoops. miley caused the biggest scene with her entourage coming in to the theater. the little tributes were so cute too - they just seem so young! prior to the movie, the producer, director, and 3 main actors talked to the crowd. jennifer {katniss} tripped on her dress and the audience gasped dramatically/hilariously. and josh {peeta} is teeny-tiny, like elijah wood/hobbit style.

we had to check our cameras/phones at the door of the nokia theatre, but i managed to snap a few before & after. clockwise: my outfit {really wanted to wear some live flames a la katniss...didn't happen}; the entrance to the afterparty with flaming mockingjays suspended in the air; wolfgang puck catering; the huge capitol-esque tree displays throughout the event.
and the other coolest thing, the invitation to the afterparty, which was a hologram of the mockingjay, katniss, and "may the odds be ever in your favor."
anyway, it was a pretty amazing night, and i'm actually excited to see the movie again when it releases to the public. if you're a fan, you will not be disappointed!


the lovebirds said...

i seriously am beyond jealous! I can't wait to go see it next weekend. I am thinking about reading the book again really quick this next week. But, as I already told you- you look beautiful! Glad it was such a fun and successful night/trip.

Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola said...

Omg this sounds amazing!! I actually haven't read the books but am going to see the movie in a few weeks with some girlfriends so I think I might need to jump on the bandwagon! That invitation is awesome and you look just beautiful! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!

so anthro said...

You're kidding me that's so exciting!! I'm so happy to hear that it was amazing-- cannot WAIT to see it next week! Bought my tickets for it a month ago... :P

Frankie said...

I am so jealous! That is beyond exciting. I can barely wait until Thursday night!

I came to your blog via a comment you left on Busy Bee Lauren. And it's so pretty. (I also love the design you did for your friend.) What talent! Well I'm off to explore some more your pretty blog :)

Freya Lily said...

I am so excited for the movie that I'm going to pee my PANTS when it starts! I love love this book! And how awesome that you got to go!

A "cheery" disposition said...

o, that's so cool... I'm glad the movie held up to the books. I was a little nervous about that.