Tuesday, May 29, 2012

baby you're a firework

you guys - i'm blogging! sorry for my multi-week absence. it has been sort of a crazyland around here with a hectic work schedule {...and some fun activities, who are we kidding, i'm not a total monster}. as i sort through tons of fun photos from hikes, adventures in marin, adorable baby photoshoots, and so on, i just had to share this amazing video from saturday's celebration of the golden gate bridge. it was the 75th anniversary of its opening {aka, its "birthday"}, so everyone gathered on their roofs and crissy field to watch the most absurd fireworks show i have EVER seen. it truly puts the 4th of july to shame. enjoy!


Freya Lily said...

We all need to focus on work every once in a while :) I'm playing catch up too!

Katie said...

Yay - I've missed reading your blog posts! :)