Friday, June 1, 2012

bay area hike: the dipsea trail & tourist club

i'm so excited to tell you guys about the BEST hike some of my girls and i did over memorial day weekend! we started in mill valley {part of marin county} and hiked up the dipsea trail. it's basically a stairmaster in a gorgeous forest...i have never thought my legs might actually fall off before, but around the 4th set of incredibly vertical steps, i was dying.

once you level out and hit the ridge, it has breathtaking view of the valley and a really easy path to follow around the hills. AND - best part - there's a hidden surprise in muir woods! the tourist club is a german-victorian style house in the middle of the forest, where they serve beer and keep a stash of board games for their hiker guests. there is a HUGE sundeck and you can bring in a picnic and relax while your calf muscles calm down. :)

you can see how crowded it was {aka, ridiculously fun!} - totally worth those stairs!