Thursday, August 30, 2012

birthday fun

well, i celebrated my birthday about 12 times over the past couple weeks - haha! i am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and fam. from the parents taking me to a crazy gorgeous dinner at the top of harrah's in lake tahoe {plus making me my fave confetti cake} to my fave taco tuesday at nick's with the gang, it was a lovely way to usher in another year of my 20's! and somehow bieber became a major player - from my nieces' musical card to cody's gift of a humongous j.bieb poster. how did this happen?? maybe next year i'll get harry styles gifts...considering he loves cougars, right? ;)

Friday, August 24, 2012

the great gatsby festival.

last time i was up in lake tahoe, we went to check out the Gatsby Festival at mount tallac. it's quite the famous annual tahoe tradition that involves music, a vintage car competition, vendors selling antique clothing/jewelry/knick knacks, and of course a speakeasy {stupid prohibition!}. there are several old waterfront tahoe estates where the festival is held, so it was fun imagining the amazing summers all those san franciscans had back in the early 1900's! the pantyhose and insane hats probably made it slightly less comfortable than what i experience today. ;)

i just love the vintage clothes and cars! i sort of stalked the couple above since they were just so cute with their authentic outfits.

Monday, August 6, 2012

san francisco hike: lands end & the sutro baths

so this is what happens when you try to take a "sunset hike" in san francisco: FOG! a gorgeous, sunny day turned into a freezing evening when the girls and i met after work for a hike.

we started at the legion of honor and worked our way through the presidio to the westernmost part of san francisco, over the pacific ocean. after winding your way through the forest and some lovely flower-filled meadows, you can hike down a massive amount of stairs to the ruins of the old sutro baths. despite the chilly temps, we had an amazing time - and those ruins looked extra creepy!

and don't worry - we rewarded our efforts with margaritas and mexican food immediately after...just to replenish all those calories. ;)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

going to brunch dressed as a british boy bander...

stephanie was in for a treat when she asked where my style inspiration came from today.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

help me decide: black tie look

i am so excited to attend a fabulous black tie wedding in a few weeks, but i need to enlist your help! after quietly dreading the dress shopping - it's been so long since i've needed a gown {hello prom/sorority formals} - i managed to luck out and find two gorgeous dresses.

option 1 is a flowy chiffon ralph lauren halter gown in a gorgeous coral-pink color. perfect for a summer wedding, don't you think? i'm envisioning styling it with gold and floral accessories, with long wavy hair.

option 2 is a black lacy number with the prettiest back ever! it feels so flattering, and after googling 50+ etiquette guides, i'm fairly comfortable that black is ok to wear to such a formal wedding {and if not, tell me!}. i like the idea of brightening it up with jewel tones, and sweeping back the hair to show off the back.

so what do you think? tell me in the comments!