Thursday, August 30, 2012

birthday fun

well, i celebrated my birthday about 12 times over the past couple weeks - haha! i am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and fam. from the parents taking me to a crazy gorgeous dinner at the top of harrah's in lake tahoe {plus making me my fave confetti cake} to my fave taco tuesday at nick's with the gang, it was a lovely way to usher in another year of my 20's! and somehow bieber became a major player - from my nieces' musical card to cody's gift of a humongous j.bieb poster. how did this happen?? maybe next year i'll get harry styles gifts...considering he loves cougars, right? ;)


Katie.Daily said...

I love Taco Tues at Nick's! Glad you went for your b-day! That fun-fetti cake looks to-die-for!!! OMG!

Hoyt said...

fun, fun and more fun. Happy Birthday!