Monday, December 17, 2012

family photoshoot : cutting down the christmas tree!

this shoot wins the award for the most unintentional comedy EVER during a session. i met this sweet family at a christmas tree farm to document them cutting down their tree. we kept canceling the shoot due to rain, so we were SO excited when the clouds broke and we could squeeze it in before the sun set.

well you know what happens after a week of rain? MUD! so after little brooke plopped in the mud {in her cute white outfit, of course}, i managed to slip and bail down a hill, coating my entire lower half, and then poor mom & dad just got sprinkled with it trying to help everyone. super, super glamorous (and totally worth it for such cute christmas photos). :)

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Michelle Foster said...

That is such an awesome/funny memory you captured.

Too bad you live far away. I would love for you to do our engagement pictures :)

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