Friday, December 21, 2012

my favorite christmas present

is it weird that i already know my favorite christmas gift of 2012? it happened in october, and it was absolutely magical.

when my beloved giants made the world series, cody and i had talked about getting tickets to a game, but they were SO outrageously expensive {in the thousands!}. the day of Game 1 we nervously chatted about verlander vs. zito over IM at work, as we watched ticket prices on stubhub drop and drop.

with a 5pm start time, we started getting serious about going around 3pm. making the promise that this could be our christmas gift to each other, we pulled the trigger around 4:10 on a paid of awesome club level seats that were the cheapest we could imagine. that's when it turned into "ohhhh crap, i have to zoom over the bay bridge and get to sf!"

one $75 parking pass later {YIKES} and we were in! my psychotic expression in the first picture says it all. after panda's first home run, we looked at each other and said "totally worth it."

and then he hit another home run.

and then another.

omg. this was the game of my lifetime. i can't believe we were there! and a few short days later, they clinched it in detroit. hallelujah {and merry christmas in october!}

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