Tuesday, January 31, 2012

watercolor map

yesterday i was google-imaging in attempts to find some vintage san francisco map prints. i fell in love with this watercolor, and a quick search for the artist led to me to his portfolio. amazing! other favorites are london and "new york by night."

Monday, January 30, 2012

favorite place no. 17 : straw

the theme of this weekend: food! for someone who has been dieting since jan 1, this was insane. i didn't even eat this crazily in vegas, my goodness. but, i enjoyed every minute of it, squeezed in some gym time, and can be back to spinach-banana smoothies today. :)

our first stop on saturday morning was straw in hayes valley. it's a carnival-themed restaurant, complete with crazy foods, alcoholic slushees, and even old carnival rides set up as booths. i completely forgot to take ANY pictures of my friends {sorry lovelies}, we basically just all stared slack-jawed at the menu and our plates the whole time! the meal was incredible, incredibly rich {...clearly}, and the service there was wonderful. they delivered lollipops with our bill, which was a sweet treat at the end. if you are visiting sf, or are a local with friends in town, this is a PERFECT destination for a unique brunch.

Friday, January 27, 2012

minty fresh

i don't think it's possible for me to be any more obsessed with that glass pendant shade...or that bag...or those {men's!} shoes. yup, i'm on a color kick.

happy friday to you all - i know i can't WAIT to have a weekend of nothingness {other than brunch at straw, which i'm so thrilled about}!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

vegas via instagram

4 days in vegas was...a lot. haha. we had an AMAZING time, starting from the 7am mimosas at SFO til our delayed flight home kept us napping in the vegas airport later than we wanted. in between was filled with SO many activities, from the mind-blowing zac brown band concert to the UNLV basketball game {we snuck into the student section...excited to say i still pass for 21} and all the casinos in between. plus, many beers that were bigger than my head. ;)

and that niners game...i mean, kill me. it's sort of tragic that the last post lingering on my blog was my blind optimism after the big win. sigh. superbowl has officially become ONLY about the nachos, not about the game.

Monday, January 16, 2012

gold blooded.

sorry for my lack of posting - i've spent the past few days nervously anticipating {and subsequently FREAKING OUT about} this:

i just can't even tell you what it was like to lose our minds in a shoulder-to-shoulder sports bar on union street. as cody blasted his coors light into the air, it felt good. like, almost-2010-giants good. ;)

there's another cool version of THE CATCH III from the crowd {with the home team call} here. i loved that one so much.
for next week's NFC championship...we'll be in vegas. oh boy. i'm going to miss those sf crowds, but maybe i can find a little luck for our boys!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

the perfect parfait

my friends and i partake in brunches all. the. time.

book club = brunch. friends in town = brunch. sleepy saturday = brunch. though restaurants {especially with bottomless mimosas} are amazing, it's even more fun when we all make a dish and get together at someone's apartment. for brunch this past weekend, i wanted to find something healthy, as opposed to the usual scones, egg bakes, etc, since we're all in new year's diet mode. these adorable parfaits were perfect, quick to make, and had minimal cleanup since i used disposable cups.
to make 8 individual parfaits, you need:

3 cups fresh berries
2-3 cups lowfat plain granola
32 oz. nonfat yogurt {i used greek}

delicious and lovely to look at!

Monday, January 9, 2012

baby photoshoot : brooke

my list of ingredients for a perfect photoshoot: a precious 3-month old baby, mid-day light in her nursery, a diaper {and nothin' else!}, and a cooing mama off-camera. sometimes simplicity produces the best results.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

san francisco, 1955.

after i watched this video this morning i KNEW i had to share it here. 20 minutes is likely too long for those of you who aren't SF residents, but i absolutely adored touring the city and seeing what it was like in the 1950s! the biggest standouts for me are playland, the amusement park that's no longer there {but the relics can be seen at musee mechanic}, how fast the car squeals down lombard street {i was worried he was gonna crash} and how there is ZERO traffic on either of the bridges or on van ness - i wish that was still true today!

** update: if you're reading this in google reader or an rss feed, apparently the video doesn't show up. click through to the actual post!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


it's time for resolutions, isn't it? i was kind of nervous to revisit last year's, but let's see how i did:

1. refrain from using my new car as a second closet/storage unit. check! i even have an appointment to get that cutie detailed in a couple weeks.
2. run a race that is longer than a 5k. ugh...did a 10k {begrudgingly} and it sucked. :) see my recap here.
3. come up with 3 creative photography projects and execute. big fat fail! despite booking like 20 photoshoots in november & december alone, i didn't really tackle any of the "creative" stuff i really wanted to try. i did make a huge list of ideas/inspiration, so maybe i can work on it this year.
4. clean out my closet and donate to goodwill every 3 months. pretty much a yes. although cody did tell me yesterday "you know i could just lay down in your closet and sleep like a baby because of all the clothes on the floor". whoops. maybe reorganizing will be a key in 2012. ;)
5. re-vamp le blog. done - twice! this version is the post-blogshop version, and i'm still digging it.
6. explore marin county, once of the most gorgeous places in california. so happy to say i made this a focus too! from sausalito to novato to tiburon, i explored marin quite a few times. one of my favorite days is here.
7. take a new self-portrait. done x 12, basically. i plastered this blog with my face - haha.
8. find new blogs/bloggers to love, be inspired by, and become blog-friends. DEFINITELY done! i can't tell you how many new blogs i've fallen in love with in 2011, and how many blog-friendships i've formed through this blog, twitter, and instagram. a few of of these amazing women you should check out are chelsea, elease, and emily...and there are SO many more. if you have recommendations for more blogs i should follow, please tell me!

and now for 2012:
1. get fit/lose some lbs! my friend catherine is running a "biggest loser" contest for her friends & family leading up to her wedding in august {with jose villa as her photog, sidenote, so i might just die when i see him in action}. the pot for the winner is about $1500, so if that's not incentive, i don't know what is!
2. spend more time on crafty DIYs. i loved painting/making over furniture when i moved last year, so i need to keep finding fun projects for my tiny apartment.
3. organize my closet...and keep it that way. that's really the hard part, huh.
4. use my willpower to make the 49ers win the superbowl. yup. haha. ;)
5. keep my focus on happiness, always.