Friday, April 27, 2012

weekend happiness!

i have been cherishing the gorgeous weekend we've had lately, especially since work has been SO hectic! last weekend i got to celebrate my dear julia's birthday {my former roomie, for those long-time readers!} with a wine tasting trip to healdsburg. it was about 90 degrees and SUCH a fun day!

and lest i forget the return of giants season {aka, the time of my life} - we went to 2 games on opening weekend, and i am going to 2 more this weekend! i think at&t park is my absolute favorite place to be in san francisco.

on top of that we've had so many great brunches, visitors, and pretty weather here {don't let that striped umbrella fool you, they just liked the matchy-matchy look}, i just can't get enough!
so on that note, happy friday, and enjoy this glorious weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

a fashion blogger's dream room

i have some insanely talented friends that i'm going to brag about for a quick moment, so hope you'll indulge me. ;) my friend catherine is an AMAZING interior designer and recently redid a room in the san francisco decorator's showcase home. her inspiration? a fashion blogger's dream office. how STUNNING is this? and props to my dear tracy who styles the heck out of these gorgeous spaces.

you can view all the photos of this fashion blogger's office on the blog of my OTHER talented friend bess friday. bess blows my mind with her fashion and interior photography.

hope you enjoy this thursday inspiration!

Friday, April 20, 2012

kentucky derby party inspiration

i love hosting theme parties, and the next one on deck is for the kentucky derby! my brainstorming so far:
  • decor: pennants, roses in trophy vases, horseshoes;
  • food: pies & small bites;
  • drinks: mint juleps, of course, and sweet tea vodka + lemonade;
  • attire: big hats! i'm setting up a hat decorating station for the ladies. any suggestions for the guys? bow tie making?
if you have any brilliant ideas for this, let me know in the comments!!

happy friday! :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

climbing trees.

obsessed with this treehouse shoot from grasshoppers & gardenias. that light! the flowers! the model! so, so pretty.

{photo by grasshoppers & gardenias, text art by me}

Friday, April 13, 2012

make your own: candy colored bangles

do you guys remember the joy of sculpey clay? it brings me right back to my days of girl scouting and summer camp, when we would roll beads and make little animals. well, i was completely inspired by the AMAZING sculpey tutorials over on delighted mama, so i thought i'd try my hand at some bangles! i highly recommend lindsay's tutorials - her photos are excellent!

the only thing you'll need to go out and buy is some polymer clay - and as you can see, i bought a few different brands. with a coupon at michael's, all of this was about $12, and will last me forever.
your other "ingredients": some old bracelets to use as a guide...and your hands! that's pretty much it. if you need help breaking off a piece of clay, a butter knife is fine. try to use a surface that you're not too particular about, as you can see it leaves some residue.

i went for a palette of all pastels, and used 4 colors total: nude, soft pink, turquoise-blue, and cornflower blue. solid color bracelets are SO easy, just roll, mold around one of your template bracelets, remove the bracelet, and bake! for the more "swirled" look, just make 2 little snakes with the clay like the photo below, and flatten them together with your hands before rolling around your template.
these baked for about 20 minutes, but just follow the directions on the package based on the thickness of your bracelet. when they come out, they are strangely rubbery and pliable, but super durable! i was shocked by how much i liked them.

finished product, after a half an hour of "work":

Thursday, April 12, 2012

i am so excited for this...

the san francisco events already sold out {my group was lucky to get into the noon run - phew!}, but check to see if there's a color run in your city!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

san francisco engagement session : misha & chris, part II

after our adventures on the embarcadero in the f-street car, misha & chris wanted some photos out on the beach! baker beach is an ideal spot, and we brought those same red balloons for a pop of color next to the golden gate. i love misha's dress SO much - it's so light and fresh, with that little pop of glam. perfect for a romantic beach shoot!

our other photos from our marathon session took place at the legion of honor, in one of the hallways by the courtyard columns. misha's ampersand added such a cute touch to these!

Monday, April 9, 2012

favorite place no. 18 : legion of honor

erin, one of my college roomies, came up to san francisco to visit me this weekend! we dyed eggs, watched "waking sleeping beauty" {if you're a crazy disney fan like me, you'll be obsessed}, and generally had an amazing time driving around in bluebonnet with the top down, enjoying the sunshine!

on easter sunday we decided to have brunch and then visit the legion of honor, my absolute favorite museum in san francisco. it has a breathtaking location in seacliff with views of the water and golden gate bridge, so that's practically worth the trip in and of itself! they have a huge collection of ancient & european art, my favorites being pieces from rodin, monet, degas, and watteau. we wandered around the collections and then stopped in the museum cafe courtyard for some coffee and a fruit tart. such a perfect day.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter!

Friday, April 6, 2012

san francisco engagement session : misha & chris

how cute are these two? we spent a morning down at the embarcadero, and it was a stroke of luck to find a vintage yellow f-street car to provide a perfect setting for this cheerful engagement photos.

these are just a small handful of my favorites, and guess what: there are more of these lovebirds coming up next week! we also used the legion of honor and baker beach as backgrounds for this truly san francisco-themed shoot.

have a beautiful weekend!