Wednesday, February 27, 2013

costa rica! the adventure begins...

hola amigos! i just returned from a gloooorious 10 days in costa rica {my new favorite place} and have so many fun photos to show you. one of my dearest friends, misha, got married in manuel antonio, so a few lucky friends made the trip to celebrate and travel.

claire, steph and i left a few days before the rest of the crew, which ended up being a fun way to get to know the area before we moved into real world-style villas with everyone else. after a 5am flight {oof}, we spent one night in san jose, which was...plenty. haha. a lovely valentine's dinner by teatro nacional and we were good to go.

our cab driver from the airport was so out of control that we excitedly booked him to drive us the 3.5 hours or so to the beach the next day. he didn't show up, but sent his equally ridic friends in his place. a small man named rudolpho was in charge of sightseeing on the way. on the docket: pretty beach views, some tourist shopping, and...cocodrilos!

these were my first impressions of costa rica. love it.

as soon as we got to manuel antonio, that's when my little tica-wannabe heart started really falling in love. we dropped off the bags, sprinted for the beach, and siiigh:

unbelievably perfect. it was SO hot in manuel antonio, so an afternoon of floating around the ocean was just what we needed.

our hotel, la posada jungle bungalows {= jungalows from here on out}, was beyond amazing. perfect pool, our own porch and hammock, a bar 20 steps away, and awesomely fun staff...yep, the party was about to start!

stay tuned for part 2!


Savvy in San Francisco said...

Kelly - It looks amazing! I would like that drink with the pineapple right about now!

Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola said...

Omigosh everything looks so incredible! I was loving following your trip on Insta and I can't wait to hear the stories behind it all now! PS All of those crocodiles kind of scare me!

Sra. Frank said...


Ashley said...

Gorgeous beach photos! I LOVE Indu's work for my wedding, but my only wish now is that I had gotten BOTH of you!