Monday, March 25, 2013

monteverde :: cloud forests & chocolate!

after the gorgeous wedding, we hit the road at 7am the next morning. destination: monteverde! nothing like some bumpy mountain roads to kick that hangover. ;) our driver, ronaldo, was quite the expert at navigating the treacherous terrain and got us there in one piece.

we spent the day exploring an artist commune and taking in the sights of the teeny town that is monteverde, complete with a lovely dinner next to our hotel.

we were up bright and early the next morning to hike through the cloud forest. it was absolutely breathtaking! there were some serious tarzan vines hanging, and an amazing waterfall. it was also a welcome change of pace after 95 degree beaches...the cloudy forest and suspension bridges reminded us of san francisco. it was also the dawn of "monteverde hair"...literally, things got prettttty interesting with the frizz factor. we embraced it. ;)

a final highlight of our quick 2 days here was doing a chocolate/coffee tasting - if you're a fan of either, this was absolutely fabulous. so delish!

and yet...the taking of this last picture led to me leaving my wallet {with passport, license, credit cards, and $300 cash} in the coffee shop when we left monteverde for la fortuna...WHOOPS! spoiler: it ended surprisingly well.


Chelsea said...

Wow. I am so happy you are posting regularly again! Just read/looked through everything...!!!
First of all, you are just so adorable. And all of that chocolate and coffee- I am so jealous. I went to Costa Rica with my family in high school and loved it.
Beautiful wedding photos too! xo

Fash Boulevard said...

Wow, these pictures are amazing. It looks like so much fun. So glad you found your wallet. That's my biggest fear when I'm traveling.

Nicole Marie said...

oh that hammock looks glorious!

Ash Att said...

Girl, this is stellar!!
I'm back in the blogging scene so I'm stoked to read your blog again!
Have a rock star day


christie said...

whoa that hike looks amazing!